Hey, Look! Republicans Can See Stupid Too!

Usually, it’s left to Democrats like Nancy Skinner to call out the Governor’s Stupid.  But, hey, look at this, there are some Republicans who look at practical costs in conjunction with their ideology:

Two Republican members of an Assembly subcommittee have joined a largely Democratic move to stop a $41.6 million plan to fingerprint recipients of subsidized in-home care.

GOP assemblymen Bill Emmerson of Hemet and Brian Nestande of Palm Desert voted in their budget subcommittee Wednesday to stop spending $8.2 million this year on the anti-fraud plan, which would cost an estimated $41.6 million over seven years. (SacBee)

This plan was so universally recognized as cost inefficient that even these Republicans couldn’t handle it.  Long story short, the plan required every recipient to be fingerprinted. Not the providers, the recipients.  Can’t hold your fingers still due to degenerative muscular disease? Tough luck, buddy.

But the issue that broke this one for the Republicans was simply that this would cost more money than it would save.  Thus, the Stupid.  Even ideology doesn’t trump Stupid all of the time.

3 thoughts on “Hey, Look! Republicans Can See Stupid Too!”

  1. Blake’s dilemma is that he can’t access any union help because the timeline is so short in this special election.  He was promised money from Sacramento, let’s hope he gets it.

    Nestande is a decent human being, though he usually votes party line.  Jose Medina is challenging him.

    So, glad as I am to see sanity resurface, it’s inconvenient for their Democratic opponents.

  2. Only two of them, but that’s still progress. The fact that most of them preach fiscal restraint and very seldom do it is so hypocritical. In fairness, credit must be given to Emmerson and Nestande.

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