Decoding Prop 16

PG&E is calling its monopoly protection measure the “Taxpayer’s Right to Vote” Act.  Which is kind of like calling Arnold a “liberal” or even a moderate.  It just couldn’t be further from the truth.

But, Prop 16 is inspiring some good ol’ fashioned grassroots activism, and with today’s tools, the cost of producing some great videos makes them accessible to all.  I’ll let the video do the explaining:

4 thoughts on “Decoding Prop 16”

  1.  I don’t think it will pass anyway. I think anybody with a grain of common sense knows this is power grab. Just mention PG&E a company my father worked for and its not a good idea.

    Just like mentioning Mercury Insurance with I believe is Prop 17 will insure (pun intended) will go down in flames.

    There is a very anti-corporation mood out there right now, only Neo-Conservatives want to protect companies.

  2. A simple way to tell PG & E where to stuff it with this onerous Prop. 16 is to send back your next payment with their full-color, glossy, grossly misleading mailbox stuffers enclosed and ask them to deduct the costs for these materials from your bill. It won’t result in anything, but feels good.

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