Healthcare is a right

Heath care is a right that should be available to all Americans, not a privilege enjoyed just by those who can afford to pay ever-increasing premiums.

I am proud to be one of the 219 Democrats who voted for President Obama’s landmark comprehensive health care reform, which, among many other things, prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to millions of Americans with a pre-existing condition. It was a moment over 70 years in the making and I am proud that the President and our strong progressive majority in Congress got the job done.

Our recent success on health care gives me hope that a burden has been lifted from our children and grandchildren. I understand the challenges involved in finding coverage for a loved one who has been denied coverage — as my son was.

Please watch this short video of me discussing the health care reform bill and share it with your friends and family.

There is more to do to reduce costs and make health care affordable for all Americans. I’m disappointed that my language to save seniors millions in drug costs by repealing the Bush era prohibition against direct negotiation with pharmaceutical firms under Medicare was stricken from the final bill.

I also support giving Americans safe access to prescription drugs produced in other countries where prices are substantially lower. I want to allow doctors to post prescriptions online where pharmacists would bid to fill them at the lowest price, and I want to increase the number of nurses and primary care physicians across the country.



One thought on “Healthcare is a right”

  1. …said incumbent must be worried. Speaking of healthcare, I keep hearing about a pushpoll that slams Marcy Winograd for supporting “socialized medicine.” So is healthcare a right, or does Harman just want to make the priveledge a bit more “affordable?”

    And speaking of polls, I hear there’s an actual scientific poll that has Winograd within 4 points… hence the volume of posts…

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