Fran Florez tops Parra fundraising once again

Fran Florez tops Parra fundraising once again

Bell-weather $1K-plus on-line reports demonstrate significant cash advantage

BAKERSFIELD — With just a little over two weeks to go in the Democratic race to represent the Central Valley’s 30th Assembly District, bell-weather financing reports indicate Fran Florez will widen her substantial fundraising lead over her primary opponent.

Florez led opponent Pete Parra in campaign cash on-hand by more than $200,000 at the last reporting deadline in March.

New reports posted on-line today show a growing and significant cash advantage on that is expected to double her opponent’s cash position according to figured posted by the California Secretary of State’s website.

Parra’s on-line reports for this current filing period indicate contributions under $98,000, while Florez amassed over $130,000. This amount is the second consecutive on-line campaign report where Florez has topped Parra’s fund-raising.

Florez is also expected to show a nearly 2 to 1 edge of “cash on hand” moving into the critical last weeks of the campaign. Florez has nearly a quarter of a million cash dollars moving into the last 12 days of the campaign.

More importantly, as a positive sign of grass roots support, Florez has out paced Parra 10 to 1 in terms of smaller on-line donations through ActBlue, an online Democratic fundraising mechanism that handles administrative and Internet security costs for candidates.

Florez has raised nearly $20,000 dollars over ActBlue over the course of the campaign, while Parra has raised under $2,000 according to activity reported at the close of campaign reports.

As the officially endorsed Democratic Party candidate, Florez was fueled this reporting period by the State Democratic Party and other democratic clubs and traditional democratic supporters.

She also recently earned the support of the California Democratic Party and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) which represents the state’s more than 33,000 correctional peace officers, most of whom live and work in the 30th Assembly District.

“It feels good to enter the campaign’s final weeks with significant momentum on our side. We are in a very strong position with less than two weeks left in this race both in terms of financial support, ground operation and campaign strategy. With the committed support of the State Democratic Party and hard working determined walkers —we see victory on the horizon,” said Florez.

Florez is a life-long Valley resident and public servant who has served on the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the League of California Cities, Shafter City Council and California High Speed Rail Authority. She has also been endorsed by Senator Dianne Feinstein and the California Nurses Association among others.