Survey USA Polling Data on the Props (and LG)

Prop Yes No D/K
13 (seismic retrofit) 46 26 26
14(open primary) 50 28 22
15(fair elections) 29 46 26
16(PG&E protection) 41 45 14
17 (Mercury Ins scheme) 43 39 18
SurveyUSA has released their latest batch of data on the propositions and the LG race.  You can see the polling data on the props to the right.  As you can tell, these are some pretty worrying numbers.  Props 14 and 15 seem to be going the exact opposite of how we would like to see them going.  And 16 and 17 seem to be hovering in that troubling zone. If I had to bet, I would go with both of those failing. But, it’s going to be a long night on those two.’

As for the LG’s race, Newsom and Maldonado have pretty substantial leads there.  On the Democratic side, Newsom leads Hahn 43-27 right now, with 9% going to Eric Korevaar (which will wither by the time we get the results) and 21% undecided. Newsom looks set to pull this one off tomorrow.

On the Republican side, St. Abel leads Sam Aanestad 26-16, with 32% undecided and the rest going to a smattering of other candidates.  Now, thing is here that Aanestad might pick up a lot of last minute support from the far-right.  I think this one is hardly a lock for Maldo, and we might be in for a bit of a surprise here.

So, folks, what this shows me is that every vote is extremely important.  Demand that your friends and family vote!

7 thoughts on “Survey USA Polling Data on the Props (and LG)”

  1. If it indeed passes, I wonder if it will be taken to court? Ideally I would like to see an end to the primaries to be replaced with an open general election WITH ranked choice voting. At least it would be more inclusive of voter’s preferences, and someone would receive a majority without having to have a runoff.  

  2. It looks to me as if all the props are going down.

    Which I would be ok with. 15 would be nice, but I’d rather have no 14, 16, and 17.  

  3. Wonder if Janice Hahn thinks she got her money’s worth in hiring Garry South.  Looks like he gets to chalk up another in his long string of losses.  

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