CCPOA ads on Calitics????


I know that Calitics needs to raise some revenue (no problem there), but must that revenue come from CCPOA?  Are there no standards for advertising here?  CCPOA charges heavy dues to build a warchest to support right-wing candidates and pump up the hate and fear in California to support more prisons, more guards, more broken lives and ultimately less public safety.

Adsense is a Google program that rewards you for placement and/or clicks, but isn’t there some way to screen out the most offensive organizations?  What would you do if BP bought an ad?  Sarah Palin?  Fox News?  Glenn Beck?

One thought on “CCPOA ads on Calitics????”

  1. You ought to. CCPOA is serious about the need for meaningful prison reform. Their proposal includes sentencing reform, the need for real rehabilitation, and a lot of other things we all would agree are necessary. This is not a “law and order at all costs” effort they’re launching.

    As far as I can tell, CCPOA should be commended for recognizing prison reform is in their best interests and something they ought to lead.

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