Sarah Palin: Transparency is for Hippies

You may have seen word of the CSU Stanislaus- Sarah Palin affair.  The “Foundation” didn’t want anybody to know how much money was in play for Palin, and she certainly wasn’t talking.  A few students dug through a dumpster or two to find some relevant documents.  There were some freedom of information requests that netted a few more documents as well.

But it’s all a waste of time, at least according to Sarah Palin.

“A suggestion for those Dumpster divers: Instead of trying to tell people to sit down and shut up … spend some time telling people like our president to finally stand up,” she said.

The material recovered by the students, which detailed perks such as first-class airfare for two and deluxe hotel accommodations, prompted California Attorney General Jerry Brown to launch an investigation into the finances of the university’s foundation arm and allegations that the nonprofit violated public disclosure laws.

“Jerry Brown and friends, come on. This is California,” Palin retorted. “Do you not have anything else to do?” (AP)

Clearly Palin just doesn’t get it. This isn’t about telling anybody to shut up, it is about transparency at a state connected institution.  It’s fine that they are getting Palin to speak there. I mean, I wouldn’t pay to see her, but if they feel that’s a good way to make money, fine.  But the people of California deserve to know how much Palin is taking from the “CSU-Stanislaus Foundation” in exchange for speaking.

But no, with Palin, it’s all about blaming others first. How dare you seek transparency?