Another Fowl Ball from Arnold

Don’t tell us our governor doesn’t care. He just signed into law a new requirement to insure the humane treatment of chickens whose eggs are sold in California.

Very nice!  I’m sure the thousands of homecare recipients who the governor wants to force into nursing homes or onto the street will appreciate (and perhaps be a little jealous) of his treatment of our feathered friends.

Here’s how SEIU-ULTCW portrayed it:

Governor Schwarzenegger just took an impressive step toward reforming In-Home Care.

For chickens, that is.

The California governor Tuesday signed a bill into law requiring that all eggs sold in California come from hens that aren’t crammed into small cages.

It was quite a compassionate move.

We only wish the governor’s compassion would extend to the hundreds of thousands of Californians who depend on the state’s actual In-Home Care program for their lives and livelihoods. Governor Schwarzenegger still wants to slash half the funding for IHSS — the program that provides lifeline services to California’s seniors and disabled citizens and provides care givers with meaningful employment.