Ami Bera Delivers Headset To Speedy Dan Lungren

Last week, while talking on a radio interview, Rep. Dan Lungren was pulled over for speeding on his way to his office in DC.  To make matters worse, apparently he was being rather unsafe with that cell phone of his.  Dr. Bera, who is running for Congress against Lungren, delivered a bluetooth headset to the Congressman’s office.  Of course, Lungren got away with a warning from the police officer.  Must be nice.

You probably know that talking on a cell phone while driving is illegal in California.  However, we should all strive to stay off the cell phone completely while driving.  I’ll admit to using my phone with my bluetooth on occasion, but the studies about this practice are really quite horrifying.  Driving while talking on the cell phone yields drivers who are basically as bad as drunk driver. And that’s with the handsfree.

Be sure to check out for more fun Dan Lungren antics.

2 thoughts on “Ami Bera Delivers Headset To Speedy Dan Lungren”

  1. The problem is not people chatting on the phone, per se.  The problem is that so few people know how to drive competently.

    On the rare occasions when I am a passenger in a car, I am amazed at how often the driver will turn to me when he or she says something to me.  One is supposed to keep one’s eyes on the road, even while conversing.  I learned this, by example, from my parents.

    I can well remember long car trips with my family (three children plus two parents) when I was a child.  It was 150 miles to our grandparents’ home.  We would often go for Sunday “educational” outings, to places like Gettysburg or the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  Whichever parent drove would resolutely keep his or her eyes on the road.  I can well remember my mother’s description of her father’s driving, for he would constantly point out things along the road and look in the direction he was pointing.  If one or more of us children acted up during a car trip, the car was pulled to the side of the road for corrective measures.  There was never any yelling while driving.

    One sees people talking on cell phones all the time while driving.  They act as if they are not doing anything else.  They do not know how to drive.

    It is odd that originally radios in cars were considered safety devices (partly) because the radio kept the driver from falling into highway hypnosis during a long journey.  Even the cigarette lighter was considered a safety enhancement because the driver would not have to fiddle with matches.

    It’s not the cell phones.  It’s the inability of so many folks to pay attention.  One cannot multitaks while driving.

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