Bono Mack Votes No, Lungren Walks on Teacher Funding

Congress made a quick break from their recess to vote for HR 1586, to which Carly Fiorina previously announced her opposition.  The measure would provide substantial funding for teachers during this recession.

It is one thing to voice opposition, but it’s another to do the deed and vote against retaining teachers for purely political reasons.  And that’s what we have with Mary Bono Mack, who today voted against HR 1586.  Oh, and Mack was joined by the rest of the California Republican delegation.  Well, save Dan Lungren who opted to walk out on the vote rather than casting that no vote.  That’s real political courage for you.

I’ll simply ask the same question of these two Congress members that Robert asked of Fiorina: How can you explain to Californians why you believe 16,500 teachers should lose their jobs and why should kids be taught in overcrowded classrooms?

3 thoughts on “Bono Mack Votes No, Lungren Walks on Teacher Funding”

  1. This bill cuts food stamp benefits to a poor families of three by $47 per month, starting in 2014 to fund the one year of funding for teachers.   I hope it was worth it.

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