100,000 Strong: Sept. 1 Money Bomb!

It’s great to be back here blogging with you at Calitics!

First off, I’d just like to thank you for all of your support in the past. I really appreciate everything you’ve done — and continue to do.

It’s no secret: I’m in the middle of a tough re-election campaign against my right-wing opponent, Carly Fiorina.

Carly Fiorina is relying on her multimillion dollar personal checkbook to fund her Senate campaign against me. She’s already poured in millions of dollars, and she’s ready to spend millions more. And if that isn’t enough, George W. Bush’s top operative Karl Rove just launched $1 million of attack ads against me in Los Angeles.

But I have a secret weapon, something even more powerful than all of that: You, and the grassroots support of tens of thousands of supporters across California and across the country.

So, on September 1, our campaign is launching a new online effort — “100,000 Strong for Boxer” — our first ever “money bomb,” to demonstrate our campaign’s strong grassroots strength all on just one day.

Beginning today, we’re collecting pledges from friends like you to make September 1 a big success — and I’m asking you to stand up and be counted.

Make your pledge to our “100,000 Strong for Boxer” September 1 money bomb right now!


We’ve set a huge goal of 10,000 individual donations for our September 1 effort — which will also help us break through an amazing mark of 100,000 total grassroots donors to our campaign to-date.

It’s our most ambitious online fundraising push yet — and we can’t do it without you. Our opponents will be watching closely to see if we make it.

You can help us show that 100,000 grassroots Boxer donors are strong enough to combat Fiorina’s big checkbook, all in one day.

Be a part of this historic event by making a pledge to “100,000 Strong for Boxer” right now.


Fiorina and her allies, including the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Karl Rove, have already reserved nearly $9 million in TV time on California’s airwaves — and I’m sure that’s only a down payment.

The voters in California are going to have a clear choice in this election. I’m proud of my record on jobs, health care, the environment, choice, good public schools, and so many other issues we care about.

But I need your help to get our message out, in the wake of the millions upon millions that our opponents will put on TV:


Thank you so much for standing with me, today and every day!

— Barbara

One thought on “100,000 Strong: Sept. 1 Money Bomb!”

  1. I’ll vote for You in November and You don’t owe Me anything, But then I know all I want to know about Carly and I want nothing to do with her at all. She couldn’t change My mind with any amount of money, She talks about Failure, Maybe She should look in the mirror, She might find something staring back with a sneer and with the horns of a lot of bull. I have an example of Her HP handiwork that I had to fix, As the wimpy 300w HP designed power supply was not even good enough for a USB wireless card that would allow the Media PC to access the net to do more than slowly kill the 300w power supply, So now the PC has a 900w OCZ made power supply that works and the PC now has enough power capacity to do the job and then some. Sorry for some of the PC jargon, But I tried to minimize that as not everyone understands that still.

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