Senator Boxer’s First TV Ad

Senator Barbara Boxer today released her first TV ad at right, emphasizing her accomplishments (including helping veterans and providing for children’s programs) as well as her commitment to a sustainable economic recovery that focuses on small businesses and green jobs.

It’s a clear contrast to Carly Fiorina, who opposes small businesses (wanting to deliver more wealth to big businesses), who opposes green jobs through her support of Prop 23, and who has a long record of destroying jobs, often through offshoring. Boxer takes a jab at Fiorina with her closing line about wanting jobs that are “Made in America” – which is also just plain good economic policy along with being smart politics.

The TV ad wars are almost certainly just beginning, and Fiorina has money to burn. If you want to help Boxer keep her ads on the air, click here to do so.

2 thoughts on “Senator Boxer’s First TV Ad”

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    A pox on both their houses.


    In 2008, I voted for the black guy, not the mulatto.

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