Boxer – Fiorina Debate, Take 2

Today was the second Boxer-Fiorina debate, and though they weren’t in the same room, it was still rather lively.  Shane Goldmacher has a good recap of the issues discussed.

Once again, Carly Fiorina had very little of substance for the people. Oh, but she does want to end the right of women to control their own health decisions and apparently Sen. Boxer is in the pocket of “Big Enviro” b/c there is such a thing. Who knew? It’s almost like there are multiple big environmental organizations making billions of dollars trying to maintain the status quo…oh, wait, that’s Big Oil. It’s hard to keep track.

6 thoughts on “Boxer – Fiorina Debate, Take 2”

  1. The SF Chronicle was right about Boxer- 18 years with what to show for it?  And a Sen. costs the people over $500,000 per year.  Sen. Boxer needs to come forward with some positive legislative agenda items…. and soon.

  2. Just once I’d like to hear them shout “answer the damned question!” at a candidate.  But Patt and Gabriel did pretty well with the followups… better than the moderators in Sacramento IMHO, and light years beyond the drones in corporate media.

    Unfortunately, Carly Phony-rina knows how to keep firing shots from the saddle even when she’s galloping in full retreat from the question. It’s a skill you learn in the boardroom, I guess.

    I’m afraid that the zombie voters are going to flock to Carly they way they did to Arnold… They can’t understand a word she’s saying, but they like that belligerent attitude.

    I’d like to hear a little more “come over here and say that” outrage in Boxer’s responses to the lies. I’d hate to see her end up like John Kerry – finishing in second place with her dignity intact.

    Kerry should have pulled off his jacket and necktie, rolled up his sleeves and threatened to beat the tar out of his Swiftboat detractors. America would have loved him for it. Instead, he went all statesmanlike and said “my record speaks for itself”. All the voters saw was a man unwilling to defend his reputation.

    But it’s a razor’s edge between righteous indignation because what your opponent is lying about you, and appearing angry because your opponent is revealing the truth about you.

    Ronald (“there you go again”) Reagan was the black belt kung fu master of this trick. Few other politicians have been willing to risk it.

    But when lies go unpunished, we all lose.

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