President Obama Rally Now-ish at USC

Well, the President is (roughly) scheduled to speak at 2. But, folks have been lining up for hours now.  Over at Neon Tommy, they’ve been liveblogging the situation at USC. Oh, and the photo is a shot of the line AT 6:00AM!  See David Atkins liveblog above!

Obama line

6:00 a.m.

“Line’s already formed along W. 34th St. at Trusdale. At least a couple hundred people out here braving the drizzle. Most of the people out here as yet appear to be students, but there are some older faces in the crowd.” -Ryan Lee Kindel

“Line is starting to build, I’d say in 10 minutes it should reach the Cinema School. Tickets? No tickets? Food? Is an umbrella a weapon? Security is already getting hounded with questions at the Obama event.” -Laura Cueva

6:20 a.m.

“People cheering for the news camera. Students at the front of the line started waiting at 3:30 this morning after little to no sleep. Perhaps it goes without saying that they’re big Obama fans.” -RLK

Editor’s Note: Though initial reports said people who arrived before 6 a.m. would be turned away, this turned out not to be true.(Neon Tommy)

Enthusiasm gap?  Well, if a 9 hour line isn’t enthusiasm, I’m not sure what is.

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