Avoid the Prop 23/26 Hangover

We’re just one week away from the November 2010 election, and the Texas oil companies are hoping they can sneak through a big victory for their bottom line – at the expense of our jobs and our environment.

As you know, Tesoro and Valero have spent millions to try and pass Prop 23, which would gut our state’s AB 32 global warming law and destroy thousands of jobs. But you may not be aware that oil companies are also spending millions to try and pass Prop 26, which would require a 2/3rds vote for new fees AND undo fees created since January 1, 2010. Prop 26 is designed to also undermine AB 32 by making it impossible to fund the implementation of the law. So if we defeat Prop 23, we’re still screwed if Prop 26 passes.

That’s a message we need to get out there to voters, making sure they don’t sleep through the election. So that’s why the Courage Campaign (where I work as Public Policy Director) produced this video showing what happens after a voter slept through Election Day and Props 23 and 26 passed:

Click here to share it with your friends, as well as to get a copy of our Progressive Voter Guide. We’ve got just one week to win this election!

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