Late Night Video: Stay Jerry, My Friends

Although my Mexican beer of choice is either Pacifico or Tecate (the latter during sporting events), there’s no doubt that the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man In The World” ad campaign has gotten a lot of attention here in 2010.

So it was only fitting that the California Democratic Party put together their own version of that ad, focused on Jerry Brown: The Most Interesting Man In California:

Stay Jerry, my friends.

4 thoughts on “Late Night Video: Stay Jerry, My Friends”

  1. as it is at coming up with hilarious and creative ads.  We also need the votes of those who don’t appreciate good parody like this.  That means walk, knock, and talk!

  2. I really hate when marketing droids in their 30s tell party leaders in their 50s that they know how to connect with people in their 20s.  You get crap like this.

    I mean seriously, the production quality of this ad is utter garbage, the voiceover is fuzzy instead of crisp and the fit isn’t cutting so much as a stretch.  Kids using fucking iMovie create more amusing ads and unlike the people who are running things know enough about technology to know bad production values on sight.  (I am not saying they can point to them and that they can know how to create a well produced ad, but simply that something with such poor production doesn’t resonate as well because it looks trashy.)

    It’s possible this ad could have been done properly and this concept could have happened, but this isn’t well executed at all.

    I am extremely disappointed that the state party continues to be so damn bad at messaging.

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