CA Tea Party Patriots swings at rival Tea Party Express for losses in Nevada, Delaware

These Two California Based Factions of the Tea Party Brand Really Don’t Like Each Other Very Much. Think of Tea People Hatfield and McCoys!

Leaders of the Tea Party Patriots organization declared Tuesday’s election results “a victory for liberty,” but blamed a rival Tea Party organization for Senate losses in Nevada and Delaware, saying the group shouldn’t have intervened in those elections by making endorsements in the primary.

The two organizations have a history of feuding over how involved national groups should be in elections. The Tea Party Patriots organization does not endorse candidates, while the California-based Tea Party Express endorsed numerous candidates this cycle.

Asked if Tea Party voters should be more pragmatic in nominating more electable candidates during future elections, Jenny Beth Martin, a national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, took a swipe at the rival Tea Party Express.

“One thing that we’ve seen across the country is that in places where the Tea Party people were allowed to nominate their own nominees and were not influenced by top-down political organizations, such as Tea Party Express, the Republicans did win,” Martin said at a Wednesday morning news conference in Washington, D.C.

Grass Valley based Mark Meckler, another national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, claimed “the grassroots were not allowed to speak” in races where the Tea Party Express made endorsements. “An outside, top-down organization came in and chose a candidate for them,” he said.

h/t and More at  If you are not one of the Tea People, you gotta love this stuff. ‘specially, as in my case, it involves some local fellers in NORCAL Sierra Foothills.

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Tea Party Patriots swings at rival Tea Party Express for losses in Nevada, Delaware

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