CA-AG: Kamala Harris Wins as Steve Cooley Concedes

In a press conference this morning, Steve Cooley conceded the race to Kamala Harris:

Steve Cooley conceded defeat today to Kamala Harris in the political slugfest for California attorney general, aides said.

Cooley’s concession came 22 days after ballots were cast, with his Democratic opponent, left, holding a lead of about 51,500 votes, representing a lead of about a half percentage points in a race that also attracted four minor candidates.(SacBee)

As you may know, I worked on the Harris campaign.  I am thrilled not only for our team, and her supporters, but also for the State of California.  She really will be an outstanding Attorney General.

5 thoughts on “CA-AG: Kamala Harris Wins as Steve Cooley Concedes”

  1. First Debra Bowen is reelected, and now Kamala Harris is Attorney General.  This really helps.

    Mazel tov.

  2. Another thing to be thankful for.  I wish Attorney-General Harris wisdom and good luck in all things.

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