Chucky D – I’m Not Leaving Yet

Chuck DeVore was never one to run only when he thought he could win. After all, even were he to get past Carly Fiorina, that matchup with Sen. Boxer would have looked pretty tough. But, never one to ride off into the sunset, Chucky D from the OC has other plans:

“I’m considering a number of interesting opportunities right now, with an eye towards continuing to impact public policy,” he wrote. “But in the long run, I remain passionately committed to returning our government to its founding principles. To that end, I expect to run for office in 2012 — what office remains a question.” (LA Times)

As Shane Goldmacher of the Times points out, the Senate race is really the only statewide race up in 2012.  If DiFi is the Democratic nominee, well, DeVore might outpace Dick Mountjoy’s campaign in 2006.  Now, if there is a different competitor (Gavin Newsom and Debra Bowen are among those rumored to be interested if DiFi retires), well, he still looks a very long shot.

But, that’s ok, for Chucky D, he’s all about the message. It isn’t a message that Californians are anywhere near buying, but he’ll be selling it as long as their is wind in them there pipes.

10 thoughts on “Chucky D – I’m Not Leaving Yet”

  1. He’s probably waiting to see how the State Senate lines shake out in Orange County and might run for one of those seats.

    If not, I’m sure he’d find a home on the wingnutty South Orange County Community College District board, which produced DeVore’s successor in AD-70, Don Wagner.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him run for Tustin City Council, although I can think of half a dozen better candidates off the top of my head…

  2. With our 2 Senators aged 77 (Feinstein) and 70 (Boxer) and our once and future Governor at 72 years old, has California (or any State) had such experienced (aka old) leadership?

    Well maybe these folks can fix things as they certainly ain’t looking to build their resumes for a run for some higher office.  Keep drinking that Ensure DiFi, Babs and Jerry… we need you.  

  3. And has been for a while. Much of his national fund-raising for his futile Senate race was based on building a donor and listener base.

    His statement that he wants to return to government is only something that is designed to increase his market value in the talk show syndication market.

  4. I’ve done it myself–run a hopeless race because I had something to say. Dennis Kuchinch has done it a few times, as has Ralph Nader. It’s a time-honored American tradition. And, while I object to DeVore’s message, I actually applaud his quixotic dedication to it. Or just his sheer doggedness. Whatever.

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