Ed Lee to Be San Francisco’s Interim Mayor

PhotobucketJust a few minutes ago, City Administrator Ed Lee was selected as Interim Mayor for soon to depart (?) Gavin Newsom.

City Supervisors selected City Administrator Ed Lee as interim mayor, putting an end to a long and agonizing debate over who will replace outgoing Mayor Gavin Newsom.

While away in Hong Kong, Lee has been the center of media attention and political discussion since Tuesday when his name emerged as the leading candidate for interim mayor. (SF Weekly Blog)

The vote went down at 10-1, with outgoing D6 supervisor Chris Daly being the lone dissenter.  Of that, Daly said:

I’ve seen go along to get along. If you want to do more than that, if you think there’s a fundamental problem with the way things are in this world, then go along to get along doesn’t do it. ([SFBG I’ve seen go along to get along. If you want to do more than that, if you think there’s a fundamental problem with the way things are in this world, then go along to get along doesn’t do it.”])

In the end, a strong show of support organized by Chinatown power broker Rose Pak and former Mayor Willie Brown pushed this historic mayor over the top.  Lee will become the first Asian-American Mayor of San Francisco, and will not be running for re-election.  Apparently, part of the deal was that Lee would retain much of Newsom’s staff for the duration of the term.

Not much is known about Lee, but he is said to be personally close with most of the supervisors.  His politics are unclear, but one can expect a pretty steady hand from Newsom’s administration.  

8 thoughts on “Ed Lee to Be San Francisco’s Interim Mayor”

  1. Los Angelenos still laughing at the “It’s on like Donkey Kong” statement from Daly, is getting Lee in as interim mayor what should’ve happened from a progressive viewpoint?

    If not, who should’ve gotten the nod, and could’ve garnered the six votes needed?

  2. Ed Lee is a decent, honest guy who has the ability to do a fine job as mayor if he wants to for the rest of this year.  But he is probably not the best choice of those who were under consideration.  

    No doubt that it was smart to appoint someone who has no intention of running in November.  However, Lee might end up being a mere caretaker, at a time when the city needs some leadership.  A one-year interim mayor can still provide leadership and work diligently with the new Board.  But I worry that Lee might be more likely than others to in effect let someone pull his strings (I hope I’m wrong).  

    Former Mayor Agnos would’ve been the best choice–given that he has experience dealing with budget challenges, can be an assertive leader, and gets along well with most of the board members.  Sheriff Hennessey would’ve also been a good choice since he can be an assertive, yet very congenial leader.

    Mr. Lee must go in realizing that he is in charge of the executive branch–not the former mayor’s staff and not the behind-the-scenes power-brokers.  If he takes the reins and shows leadership, he’ll do fine.  If he is a passive caretaker, it will be a wasted year for the city and for his career.  

  3. A big part of Willie Brown and Rose Pak pushing Ed Lee was a shot a Leland Yee

    Leland was running as the first Asian Mayor of SF

    Clearly, he won’t be the first if he wins

    Leland stood up to Willie Brown during his mayoral term

    Rose Pak cites Yee’s ‘moral turpitude’ as a reason for opposing him

    I think Yee was caught shoplifting in Hawaii !!$!&

    This might haunt him in his maroral run

    Still, Yee is my candidate because he did stand up to  Willie Brown and he stood up to the UC and CSU administrators on their outrageously high salaries

    The last two mayors, Newsom and Brown are not without their versions of ‘moral turpitude’

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