Berryhill Loses Chairmanship Over Case of Foot-In-Mouth

In the comments to this post, stevefromsacto mentioned that Tom Berryhill (R-Central Valley) said that the budget deficit was not “their” (meaning Republicans) problem. So, no reason to do anything that would endanger them in electorally of course.

Well, funny thing about that.  Berryhill also happens to be one of two GOP committee chairs. the one member of the GOP Senate minority with a chairmanship.  Or, well he used to be anyway:

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has penned a letter asking Rules Committee members to approve handing off the Oakdale Republican’s gavel to newly elected Sen. Anthony Cannella, R-Ceres.

“Each member of the California State Senate represents nearly one million people and we have a duty, regardless of party or philosophy, to actively engage in the serious work necessary to address the challenges confronting California,” Steinberg wrote in the letter.(Capitol Alert)

I guess that shoe leather is mighty tasty. Check the letter from Steinberg over the flip.

3 thoughts on “Berryhill Loses Chairmanship Over Case of Foot-In-Mouth”

  1. …they should cut off all state funding to Berryhill’s district.  After all, it’s not our problem.

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