Election Day in SD-17 and SD-28

UPDATE: Well, it looks like we went 1 for 2.  Sharon Runner defeated Darren Parker, but Ted Lieu was also able to pull off the 50% threshold.  We should be seeing both Runner and Lieu in the Senate shortly.

If you happen to live in either SD-17 or SD-28 it’s an election day today!  In the 17th district, CDP African-American caucus chair faces off one-on-one with Sharon Runner.  The winner will receive more than 50%+1, so they will be ready to take their seat right after the election is certified.  

Darren is an extremely dedicated and hard working leader.  He helped out on the Kamala Harris campaign, and was an extremely passionate contributor.  He is a fantastic alternative to the Runner dynasty.

In the 28th, Ted Lieu is facing off with a slew of Republicans, a Democrat and a few others.  The big challenge in this race is for Lieu to get to that magical 50%+1 so that he can take the seat right away. If he does, he will be able to get to vote on Jerry Brown’s budget, which he supports.

Lieu has been a fighter, particularly on mortgage issues.  While I haven’t always agreed with him, particularly with his positions on prison reform, he would be an asset to the Senate.  He is a very sharp and intelligent legislator.

So, if you are in the districts…VOTE! You can get the results here when the polls close.

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