Hate Speech in Orange County

If you think that the recent “protest” against American Muslims in Orange County is the only example of bigotry and hatred in the county,  think again.

The OC Register has reported  a number of recent incidents of hate speech and vandalism against Catholics, Asian-Americans, Latinos and others–including a death threat against Gov. Brown.

This letter to the editor from the county leader of the UDW Homecare Providers Union spells it out:

RE: Graffiti messages threaten to kill governor; Hate messages spray-painted on churches, buildings

Dear Editor:

It is with sorrow and anger that we condemn in the strongest possible terms the death threats to Gov. Brown and other recent hateful acts in our county aimed at Catholics, African-Americans, Asians, Latinos and others.

These actions are not merely teen-age pranks, as some have suggested.  The woman arrested for the most recent threats is 53-years-old.

They also are more than “just” acts of vandalism.  They are symptoms of a deeper hatred. And they warn of the potential for more serious acts of violence in the future.

Our nearly 15,000 members provide care for thousands of Orange County’s most vulnerable citizens.  We-and-they come from all racial, religious and ethnic groups. We-and they-are testimony to the diversity that makes our county great.

It is time for all good citizens of Orange County to stand up to these hateful acts of terrorism, and say: “Not here, not now, not ever.”

Christine Nguyen

Orange County Chapter Chair

UDW Homecare Providers Union

Member, OC Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance