More renewable energy? You make the call.

(Cross-posted from Groundswell, the California League of Conservation Voters blog.)

We are so close to ensuring a clean energy future for California. Later this week, the California State Assembly will vote on Senate Bill (SB) 2X, which would increase renewable energy in California. With the help of nearly 700 emails and calls from California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) members, the State Senate passed SB 2X two weeks ago. Now we need you to take action to get the bill to Governor Brown's desk.

Because this bill is so important, CLCV launched a new tool this week to help you contact your legislators. Our new “click to call” feature makes calling your assemblymember simple. Just enter your phone number, and our system will dial your assemblymember for you. We provide a suggested script to make it easy. The whole process takes 2-3 minutes, and is so important since phone calls have a more powerful impact than emails to legislators.

SB 2X will put utilities on a path to 33% renewable energy by 2020. The mandates set by SB 2X will result in a reduction of global warming pollution from natural gas, oil, and coal power plants, and in improved air quality for California’s families.

A 33% renewable portfolio standard (RPS) for all utilities would continue to expand California’s renewable energy market and its clean technology industry, creating new green jobs for Californians. 

By 2020, a 33% RPS will result in 13,000 megawatts of new renewable power—enough to meet the electricity needs of 6 million typical homes. Action is needed now to make sure the opportunity doesn’t pass us by so please take a couple minutes and call your assemblymember today to urge support for renewable energy requirements.