Don’t You Dare Negotiate

It was enough that the Norquistians were threatening anybody who would vote for taxes.  And then they moved on to voting for putting them on the ballot.  And now we have moved further down the rabbit hole: the David Koch backed group “Americans for Prosperity” is going after two Republicans who dared to negotiate.

A conservative taxpayers group backed by major GOP donors has launched a new radio spot targeting two Republican senators who have been involved in ongoing negotiations to put Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax proposal on a June ballot.

The ad, aired by the California chapter of Americans for Prosperity, urges listeners to tell GOP Sens. Tom Berryhill, of Modesto, and Anthony Cannella, of Ceres, to oppose any vote for an election on maintaining higher tax rates.(SacBee)

Not for nothing, but Anthony Cannella’s father, Sal Cannella, was a Democratic Assemblyman from the area back in the early 1990s.  Of course, apparently that hasn’t meant that much thus far in his legislative career, other than a few bipartisan nods, he hasn’t been any different than any other Republican in the Senate.

But the fact that this is where we have gone, to the point where even attempting to negotiate is verboten, it makes one cringe for our future.  How can we really have a workable state if we can’t even work together.  David Koch and the California chair of his organization, Ventura Supervisor Peter Foy should be ashamed of themselves.  Or proud, if you live a broken government.

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  1. It was nothing but a slimy delaying tactic to Repubs… Thankfully It’s over now.

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