Save Medicare & Social Security. Send a Fighter to Congress!

Dear Calitics Community,

I’m as outraged as you are about the latest Republican attacks on Medicare and Social Security.  Yes, the gloves are off, with the GOP leadership declaring open warfare on America’s greatest safety nets for seniors.

Agnes and Marcy

We need Democrats in Congress who are going to stand strong against these Republican attacks.   Now that Blue Dog Jane Harman has vacated her seat in southern California, we have an opportunity to send a progressive to Washington. Please contribute securely at Winograd for Congress at Act Blue to help elect me on  May 17th in a special election in the 36th congressional district.  Once we get to Washington, we can organize a Save Medicare & Social Security Caucus to go head-to-head with the GOP leadership determined to destroy government for the common good.

This week GOP Budget Chair Paul Ryan called for bulldozing Medicare into a voucher program for private insurers.  If the GOP has its way, Medicare will become an extinct species — and Wall Street will profit from taxpayers’ subsidies for the jet set – private insurers.  Say NO to the GOP and YES to a fighting mad candidate – Give securely at Winograd for Congress at Act Blue.

Blaming the deficit on Medicare makes no sense.  Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room – our trillion dollar military budget.  If lawmakers want to reduce the deficit, they must stop maxing out our nation’s credit card – borrowing to pay for four wars, a much-debated Star Wars missile defense program, and new generation of nuclear weapons.   If the GOP really wants to reduce our deficit, they can join me in demanding corporate tax dodgers, like General Electric and Exxon, pay their fair share and the military budget be cut by a third.

I won’t hold my breath.  Republicans have been itching to privatize Medicare since before the Bush Administration introduced Medicare Part D drug benefits.

Now the deficit hawks are gunning for both Social Security and Medicare, blaming entitlements for the deficit they created with out-of-control military spending.  Never mind that Social Security is self-sustaining or that Medicare’s administrative costs are only 3 to 5%.  The Republican battle plan is to seize the Social Security Trust fund and privatize Medicare.

We must STOP this raid before we lose our greatest social safety nets.  I am committed to protecting Medicare and Social Security from Wall Street greed.  Please support my congressional campaign by contributing $25, $50, $100, $250 or more, up to $2500, at Winograd for Congress at Act Blue.  

If you have already given, please know how much I appreciate your contribution.

Thank you for your generous support.

Warm regards,

Marcy Winograd