Thoughts on the 70 Parks Marked for Closure

As one might expect with a screen name of “California Condor” I am a nature lover, and a user of the California State Park System.  (I am an amateur nature and wildlife photographer who has been fortunate enough to have had some of my photographs published.  One of these was of one of our parks:… )  The threatened closure of these parks causes me personal anguish.

The California park system is extensive, and I can’t profess to having visited even half the parks in the system, or on the closure list.  Personally, I have a preference for mountains over beaches, but believe in protecting as much as we can.  

So, what are we closing?

I’ve visited several of the parks marked for closure.  Some of the parks marked for closure stand out in my memory.

Candlestick Point SRA
I live in San Mateo County, so I’ve visited here man times, looking at shorebirds.
Castle Crags SP
I regularly travel north to Klamath Falls, Oregon.  I’ve marveled at the Castle Crags, visible from I-5, and recently visited the park to get a closer look.  These peaks stand out uniquely in the surrounding mountains.
Castle Rock SP
Another park in my back yard — hard to beleive they’d close it, frequently when I try to visit it is so crowded one can’t find parking.
Del Norte Coast Redwoods SP
This is part of the north coastal redwoods, co-managed with the National Park Service.  One wonders how the state’s decision will effect the co-management of the other parts of the system.  Lots of tall trees here.
Mono Lake Tufa SNR
This is one of the most unique places in California.  While one would hope for closure through restoration of the Lake, closure from a budget ax is sad.
Moss Landing SB
The Moss Landing area is one of the better birding locations around Monterey Bay.
Portola Redwoods SP
Another back yard park.
Providence Mountain SRA
In the middle of the Mojave, this is the only limestore cavern  in the state park system.  I’ve been there a couple times.  (Currently closed for repairs, scheduled to be re-opened at the end of the year.  I guess it just won’t be re-opened.)
Salton Sea SRA
Would you believe that California has a large, inland sea that didn’t exist when we first became a state?  It’s a great stop for migrating birds.
Samuel P. Taylor SP
This park is in Marin County, and I guess many people just buzz through it on the way to Point Reyes.  It is a worthy stop on its own, I’ve seen some interesting warblers there.
Tomales Bay SP
A park on Point Reyes, it will probably be absorbed by the Point Reyes National Seashore.  I saw my first spotted owl here.

I suspect there’s a lot to the other parks on the closure list that I have not yet visited.