Woolsey Makes Retirement Official

With the budget news and the San Francisco redistricting hearing, I never got to the retirement of a progressive champion in Congress:

Rep. Lynn Woolsey confirmed Monday what many had suspected for some time — that she will retire from Congress when her 10th term ends in 2012.

In a press conference in the backyard of her Petaluma home amid a crowd that included family members, local officials, news reporters and political supporters, Woolsey said, “I will turn 75 years old just before the next election and after two decades of service to this wonderful district it will be time for me to move on.

“So with enormous gratitude and not one ounce of regret,” Woolsey said, ”I am announcing that I will not run for re-election in 2012. I will retire at the end of this current term.” (BayArea News Group)

If there’s one thing that you can say about Rep. Woolsey, it is that she never failed to follow her conscience.  She has pursued social justice throughout her tenure in the house, and her voice will be sorely missed.

One can only hope to find another strong progressive to fill that seat, whereever its boundaries may be.  Dick Spotswood had a good overview of the potential competitors last week.  Depending on turnout, we may just see a Dem-on-Dem general election in November.

4 thoughts on “Woolsey Makes Retirement Official”

  1. … is that she knew when to vote “no.” No on the Patriot Act, no on the invasion of Iraq, no on military-commission trials and the rest of the national-security excesses.

    Question to ask the Democrats running now is, would you vote “no” like she did? Against another Patriot Act, or more anti-whistleblower laws, or more military tribunals, or another war.

    Would you vote against Barack Obama if he goes too far, yet again? Ask them that, because I know most of these people and I’m not sure many would stand fast if the OWH or Nancy presses them.

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