Janice Hahn’s Election Day

Before I get to the election, first our condolences out to the Hahn family as Ramona Hahn, mother of Janice and former Mayor Jim Hahn, passed away.

During the primary for CA-36, Janice Hahn did pretty much everything possible to ensure a top-2 match against Craig Huey rather than Debra Bowen.  She did all she could to lure Marcy Winograd into the race, and then ran an aggressive campaign focused primarily on Bowen.  Now that day is here, and she got a whole lot more fight than she wanted.

From sexist pole-dancer videos to plain ol’ right-wing nonsense, Huey has used his money to make a legitimate race.  And now today is the day.  Recent polls show Hahn leading by somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 points.  However, news that Huey’s ex-wife is seeking back child support that he failed to pay.

In all likelihood, Hahn will win today.  Her future in the Congress depends on both the redistricting commission and whether she decides to govern as Janice 1.0, the progressive from the primary, or Janice 2.0, the “maverick” from the general.

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