UC Follows CSU to the Tuition Increase Game

Yesterday, it was CSU’s turn to raise tuition.  Apparently, today is the UC’s turn:

University of California regents today voted to raise tuition by about $1,070, sending the total cost to $12,192 for the upcoming school year.

After a recently approved $650 million cut in state funding, UC regents said they had no choice but to raise tuition to close about a quarter of the system’s $1 billion budget deficit. When combined with a previous hike, tuition will be 18 percent more — about $1,890 — in fall 2011 than it was in fall 2010. Each campus also charges undergraduates about $1,000 in additional fees. (SacBee)

The university systems are both on the hook for another $100 million in the triggered cuts if we don’t reach the higher, hopeful, revenue figure. By the way, the Controller announced today that we aren’t actually $230 million behind where we need to be, but $85 million, because somebody forgot to tally a big check from the unclaimed property account.

That being said, the discussion about the additional cuts was bumped until a later date, but don’t be shocked if more increases aren’t on the horizon.

One vote against the increase: LG Newsom.

“The biggest threat to our democracy is income inequality, the loss of the middle class,” Newsom said. “And here we are once again, putting the nail in the coffin of the middle class. That’s exactly who gets hurt in this debate.”

2 thoughts on “UC Follows CSU to the Tuition Increase Game”

  1. WHEN are they going to CUT Administrative Salaries ??

    Everyone else is making sacrifices

    Why not the top paid managers ?

    Apparently, the UC system lets administrators ‘retire’ to collect their pension payments and then get ‘re-hired’

    When is this gonna stop ?

    One UC Chancellor hired her son

    Will there be rules put into effect to prevent nepotism ??

    Time for UC and the CSU system to clean up its’ act

    Don’t expect Groovy Gavin Newsome or Jerry Brown to lead the way

    Leland Yee is the only one in Sacramento holding UC and CSUY accountable

    Everybody else is sleeping

  2. When the state massively cuts aid to the universities, they have no choice but to vote to raise tuition. Of course they need to trim unnecessary expenses as well, but that won’t be enough to make up the shortfall.

    LG Newsom is absolutely correct that this is a body blow to the middle class, but he’s making a protest vote that distracts attention from the real issue.

    He makes it seem like it is the UC Regents’ fault that tuition is increasing, when the massive cuts in state aid in California’s latest budget are at fault.

    Parents and students need to understand that anti-tax fanaticism on the part of Republicans is undermining the universities and the middle class, not the UC Regents.

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