Looks like we Do have a Senator, Noreen Evans

Looking more closely at the current ma (of course this can change) it appears our new State Senator until 2014, will be Noreen Evans.  How many people are aware of this change?  It’s not a bad thing for sure.  Mark Leno will run n SF in 2012, and it looks like Noreen will run in NORCO (that’s us, Marin and points north)n 2014.  

Now, the interesting question is whether Michael Allen will stay in his new District WINE, which he shares with Assemblymember Wes Chesbro, or move south and run in MARIN (and Southern Sonoma) in 2012. Or will he work it out with Wes, as Wes will be termed out in 2014, but Allen will have another term.  Oh, the intrigue.