Tony Cardenas and Ron Calderon Announce Attempts at Congressional Districts

Both are seeking districts with no incumbents, but may face a moving incumbent

by Brian Leubitz

With seemingly final lines set for next year’s elections, expect a lot of moving trucks around Los Angeles.  But the upheaval also means that some new folks are trying to muscle their way into the term limits free halls of Congress. You can view the proposed districts here.

Two such names that announced today are Sen. Ron Calderon and Asm. Tony Cardenas.  Calderon will be seeking the proposed 38th district, which includes Cerritos, Artesia, Norwalk, and Whittier.  Cardenas is looking at San Fernando Valley’s 29th district.

But don’t expect either of these two to face a cakewalk.  The Calderon district has about 51% of voters from Rep. Linda Sanchez, and she’s drawn into a district with Grace Napolitano.  And frankly, between Ron Calderon and Sanchez, there really isn’t much of a debate as to who the better member of Congress would be.