Democrats choose Jobs over Environment

Regarding the LA Stadium effort:

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) was talking to colleagues about extending the same proposal to other job-producing projects, possibly including sports facility projects in Sacramento, Santa Clara and San Diego, as well as renewable energy developments.

Anschutz Entertainment Group sought the special treatment after a competing stadium proposal in the City of Industry won an environmental waiver from the Legislature in 2009. Its backers argue that it deserves special treatment because it would create tens of thousands of jobs.

I’ve see articles (obviously from the right) claiming that Calirfornia is dominated by “Green Jihadis” and its destroying the economy.  Usually these articles call for the reform (mostly removal) of California’s environmental laws and link the 12% unemployment as justification. But based on what’s happening above are the Democrats coming around to that line? Do they see a link between enivornment and unemployment here?  Or are they desperate enough for votes in 2012 since California’s economy has barely nudged and the Democrats have a full sweep of state government?