CGS closes its doors

Government reform organization runs out of funding

By Brian Leubitz

Hey, the economy sucks, and all sorts of businesses are going under, and that is certainly true in the non-for-profit good government area.  The Center for Governmental Studies has been around for about theory years, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t vulnerable to the same economic forces as the rest of us.

The nonprofit Center for Governmental Studies in Los Angeles is shutting down after 28 years of researching and recommending improvements to political and government processes in California and other states.

Over the years, the center has helped develop reforms of campaign finance laws, state budgeting, ballot measures and higher education, often advising local and state agencies on improvements. (LA Times)

I certainly had my differences with CGS, but they were a valuable resource on any number of government reform issues. As many of the California government nerds said on Twitter last night, we are better off with more people watching our government.