Anthem Plans Rate Hikes Up To 20% for Nearly 600,000 Californians

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As 2nd Anniversary of Federal Health Reform Law Approaches, CA Ballot Measure Seeks to Control Skyrocketing Health Insurance Rates.

Anthem Blue Cross will raise health insurance rates for nearly 600,000 Californians by as much as 20% on May 1. A ballot initiative to make health insurance more affordable by regulating premium increases is necessary to protect Californians from excessive rate hikes, said Consumer Watchdog Campaign today.

Friday is the 2nd anniversary of the federal health reform law, which will require every American to have health insurance by 2014 but does not control what private health insurance companies can charge. The ballot initiative proposed by Consumer Watchdog Campaign would require health insurance companies to publicly justify rates, under penalty of perjury, and get rate increases approved before they take effect.

“Every time insurance companies force another double-digit rate increase on consumers they make the case for our ballot initiative to rein in excessive rate hikes. If Anthem had to include a copy of our petition in the rate increase notice it mailed to more than half a million consumers, we’d already have the 505,000 signatures necessary to qualify the measure for the November ballot,” said Carmen Balber with Consumer Watchdog Campaign.

The ballot measure would regulate health insurance policies that cover 5.3 million Californians. 35 states have the power to reject excessive rate increases, but California does not.

“The Affordable Care Act ends some of health insurers’ worst abuses – like cancelling coverage when patients get sick, or charging women more just for being women. But the law falls short on cost control. Health reform cannot succeed if we don’t put the brakes on skyrocketing insurance premiums. Strong rate regulation will lower premiums, give insurers incentives to cut spending and save health reform,” said Balber.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments in a case that will determine whether the law’s mandate that individuals purchase insurance violates the Constitution. Regardless of what the court decides, the experience with health reform in Massachusetts shows that consumers will need the protection of rate regulation to hold down insurance prices, said the group.

Consumer Watchdog released a report last year demonstrating how rate regulation has begun to curb insurance premiums in Massachusetts, where the mandate that people buy health insurance — the model for the 2010 federal reform law — failed to control costs. Other states that instituted or strengthened state laws requiring rate review and approval of health insurance rates, including New York, Oregon and Maine, have also seen cost-control results. States without regulation of health insurance rates have seen massive and unjustified rate increases take effect with no power to stop them.

A new report from the California HealthCare Foundation finds that 38% of Californians say the cost of their health insurance went up in 2011, and 37% delayed getting health care they needed because of costs.

“The reality is that consumers will not purchase insurance they cannot afford, and insurance prices become more out of reach for families every year,” said Balber. “Experience in states from California to New York has shown that rate regulation is the only way to force insurance companies to open their books, justify spending, and block excessive profits.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last week that 1 in 5 Americans are burdened by medical debt and half of them are unable to pay the debt at all. Health insurance premiums in California increased at a pace five times the rate of inflation in the last decade, according to the California HealthCare Foundation.

Download the Consumer Watchdog Report, “Health Reform and Insurance Regulation: Can’t Have One Without The Other”.

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2 thoughts on “Anthem Plans Rate Hikes Up To 20% for Nearly 600,000 Californians”

  1. Anthem Blue Cross raised my deductible in January to almost $6,000 “in order to keep rates affordable” they claim. This means I pay the first $6,000 of any medical costs each year. I also pay for all my dental and vision costs as I can’t afford a policy that covers those. What this all means is that I pay Anthem Blue Cross $416.00 a month for insurance, and then pay all my own medical costs–because I never have medical costs that even approach my deductible. If I go to a doctor twice a year, that’s a lot for me.

    So why is my insurance so high? Because of my age. At 62, the wheels should start falling off any day now. At least that’s what statistics show. Also, because I’m self employed, I have to buy in the individual market and don’t have the clout large groups do. So I pay a lot and get absolutely nothing for it, except that my policy does qualify me for tax-deductible contributions to a health savings account. Most people don’t realize you can’t deduct those unless you have a qualifying policy. Yet another insurance rip-off!

    You might reasonably ask why I spend all this money to get so little. Or you might realize that one accident, one unexpected illness could wipe me out. Like many self-employed people, I don’t get paid if I don’t work. There’s nobody to back me up. As a single woman, there’s also nobody to pay my bills if I can’t work. I don’t qualify for unemployment. So medical bills could cost me my meager retirement savings, my depreciated home, and what little savings I manage to put aside to cover property taxes every year. I’m not really insuring my health. I’m insuring my ability to feed myself and keep a roof over my head. Out-of-control insurance premium costs threaten my ability to do even that. Which is why I’m all for regulating them.

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