Andy Pugno Pledges Not to Compete in Rep on Rep Race

PhotobucketAnti-equality zealot likes primaries

by Brian Leubitz

Andy Pugno, the Prop 8 attorney that enjoys making a name for himself by denying others equal rights, has made an interesting pledge. He will support the winner of the first round of balloting if he is running against another Republican.

“If I came in behind Beth Gaines, I would honor the expression of Republican voters and endorse her campaign and not actively campaign myself,” Pugno said in an interview with The Bee today.

Gaines’ consultant dismissed the scenario as unlikely given the presence of a Democratic candidate in the three-way race. But he said his candidate wasn’t interested in joining Pugno on the issue.

“She pledges to vote for a Republican in November and it’s going to be herself,” Gaines consultant Dave Gilliard said.(SacBee Capitol Alert)

This is an interesting game theory of politics moment. If you are a Democrat in the district, and really loathe Andy Pugno, do you vote for Beth Gaines. But, to be honest, Gaines isn’t really much of a step in the right direction. Perhaps somebody should tell Pugno that the June electorate isn’t confined to Republicans and that anybody can vote for any candidate.  Nah…

Perhaps this is an interesting for the fact that this is the first such case of a candidate saying something like this. However, it would be even more interesting if it were in a district where there was a decent shot of happening, say in the Senate race between Jerry Hill and Sally Lieber in San Mateo county.  A Dem on Dem race is far more likely in several districts, but I haven’t heard anything like this on our side.

I don’t expect to either.