Nathan Fletcher is Very Post-Partisan

San Diego Assemblyman points out GOP obstinance

by Brian Leubitz

Nathan Fletcher is many things, including a legislative sex symbol. But apparently one thing that he is no longer? In this video, he announces that he can no longer consider himself a Republican:

“The broader issue has just been a reluctance on the part of the Republican Party to be willing to advance good ideas. If it’s a good idea, it’s a good idea. It doesn’t matter which party is going to get the credit for it,” he said.

For all his differences, he said he never considered becoming a Democrat.

“Today’s political environment and political culture doesn’t appear to be geared toward getting people to solve problems. It’s geared toward dysfunction,” he said.(SacBee)

This is typical Arnold Schwarzenegger post-partisan stuff. Much of it true, if slightly self-serving, much of it Blue dog-y. Fletcher is/was on the leftward edge of the GOP, but that’s not really saying too much. But, coming as it is, in the heat of a Mayoral battle that he is losing, it has to make you a little suspicious.  I kind of doubt this will change the dynamic too much, but maybe it nudges him closer to getting into one of the two runoff spots.

6 thoughts on “Nathan Fletcher is Very Post-Partisan”

  1. I have to say when I heard it I wondered what happened.  I do recall his support for the tax bill/finance reform bill and I said he was commiting partisan suicide.  I wonder if that has come to haunt him with redistricting coming up to. I could totally see Carl stirring up a competitor for the assembly seat while fletcher runs for mayor.

    It is interesting that we now have an independent in the legislature. Idoubt a Dem would break ranks.

  2. Thinking about Nathan Fletcher as a moderate Republican demonstrates how untethered the GOP has become.  I know it’s gotten bad, but this made me gasp.

  3. Not sure where to post this but worth mentioning. Romney’s PAC gave $10K to Nat’l Organization for Marriage before the Prop 8 election, and apparently misrepresented it to the FEC.

    This NOM is the same group that this week had its memos leaked (see HuffPo) about using racial division as a campaign tactic.

  4. For a politician, any politician to become non-partisan seems like political suicide

    It’s kinda brave

    Doesn’t mean I’d vote for that kind of pol, but I’d consider it

    I’m a Dem, but some of the Clowns weve got in ‘our party’

    Gavin Newsome ? Carole Migden ? Nadia Lockyear ?

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