Coalition launches contest to name “Mr. or Ms. 1% of California”

While the majority of Californians continue to suffer from the economic crisis, big corporations and super-rich individuals are driving an agenda in our state to ensure the 1% prospers at the expense of the 99%.

The result has been an increased economic burden for working families that includes escalating costs of higher education and healthcare, fewer jobs, more foreclosures, depressed wages, and a deteriorating quality of life.

Why? Because rich CEOs and executives in the Golden State are pocketing millions while backing and bankrolling an agenda that keeps economic and political power in the hands of the few, killing or delaying the chances of a broad economic recovery for the rest of us.

To shine a light on these CEOs we’ve nominated a dozen of California’s leading 1% in a contest to choose “Mr. or Ms. 1% of California.” Visit to meet our nominees and cast your vote.

The top 1%’s stranglehold on our state is no accident. California is home to 57 fortune 500 companies, the top 25 of which generated $117 billion in profits in 2010. These companies are driven by some of the country’s highest paid and most influential CEOs who use their vast fortunes to engineer and maintain the status quo that keeps them on top while systematically robbing the 99% of what’s needed for a recovery to rebuild communities.

Who do you think should win?  Mr. Crude ? Mr. Foreclosure? The Interest Rate Swap King?  Meet California’s 1% and VOTE TODAY at and then tell a friend.