Anything But Slow

We’re in a real fight for November, but big Netroots news

by Brian Leubitz

You probably noticed that I’ve been a little quiet around here. Okay, a lot quiet.  I’ve been working on a rather time consuming local election, the Vote No on A campaign, and that severely restricted how much time I’ve had.  So, while it has been slow on the blog, it has been anything but slow for me, California politics, or many other related issues.

Before I get back into the regular blogging saddle with some commentary about the election, I want to make a pitch for Netroots Nation 2013. For the first time, it is going to be held here in California.  From June 20-23, 2013, thousands of netroots activists will descend upon San Jose to discuss how to improve our nation. And where better than the Bay Area to discuss that?

But before we get to next year’s Netroots Nation, we have a pretty big election coming up in November. Sure there’s that Barack guy, but between the labor-busting Special Exemptions Act and the revenue measure, there is a lot to work for right here in California.  And as we saw with the elections last week, there will be a few Dem-on-Dem elections worth watching.

I’m going to try to be more active as we gear up for November, so stay tuned. And if you know of anybody that would like to write for Calitics, shoot me an email. The more the merrier.

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  1. And am looking forward to meeting, you, Brian, and anyone else who cares to find me… 😉

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