Vaccines Matter, Even if Rob Schneider doesn’t believe it

AB 2109 would require a note from a doctor to avoid vaccinations for public schools

by Brian Leubitz

Vaccines save lives.

That’s the truth. Real hard scientific evidence supports that statement. Before we vaccinated for measles, rubella, whooping cough, these disease killed thousands of Americans each year. A generation later and these diseases were nearly wiped out.

Then the logical fallacies took over. Those diseases aren’t dangerous anymore. It won’t matter if I don’t immunize my child, etc. But unfortunately, they are still necessary. No matter how many fear mongers or fake scientists or outright fraudsters argue that they are not safe, they are safe. They are safer than the alternative. After all, not vaccinating is not without a very high level of risk.

Yet people like Rob Schneider, who was kind of funny as an annoying copy boy, persist in fighting science with repetition of ignorance.

Pretty much every word of that has been debunked. I won’t bother here in going through it all, but AB 2109 is a good bill from a good Assemblymember, Richard Pan. Pan, who just so happens to actually have training in these matters by virtue of being a medical doctor, understands the public health crisis that unvaccinated children present. The bill would require a letter from a doctor to the school if children skip a vaccination.

This isn’t about the state controlling some godlike power. The state has the power to require car seats and seat belts; both of these are a decent analogy for the question of vaccines. This is a collective issue for all Californians. We all gain (or lose) when we have a healthy community.

AB 2109 is in the Senate awaiting final approval.

3 thoughts on “Vaccines Matter, Even if Rob Schneider doesn’t believe it”

  1. My suggestion is to amend it to make it where doctors would be required to sign the form and there would be a legal waiver that would shield the doctor from lawsuits.  

  2. It seems since 1980 there has been a rise in the number of children born to Men over 50 years old and also a rise in the number of autism cases, the two have been linked by mutated sperm and also seems to also indicate why some are schizophrenic today too, in cases women weren’t to blame as at any age this mutation problem doesn’t seem to be a problem, so parents give Your child a shot, as it’s the right thing to do to protect Your child, as there is no excuse for a sick child and a sick child could result in child endangerment charges if it’s found that shots were denied to the child as then the child is defenseless against things one can’t see with the naked eye and are easily passed from child to child… This was reported on KCBS TV 2 in Los Angeles CA.

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