Doug LaMalfa campaign: Romney’s right about freeloaders

Doug LaMalfa–the North State GOP Congressional candidate (CA-01) who made national headlines in mid-September when he claimed falsely that abortion causes breast cancer–is back with another good one.

Jenny Espino of the Redding Record-Searchlight has reported that LaMalfa’s campaign manager David Gilliard told her Mitt Romney was “right” to dismiss a vast swath of Americans as unworthy of GOP attention because they rely on government benefits.  He admitted that Romney may have painted with “too broad a brush.” How much too broad? Half, he said: half of the 47% haven’t “chosen” to receive benefits, but receive them “because of their circumstances.”  He went on, “Those are the people Republicans should be talking to for sure.”

In other words, LaMalfa’s campaign thinks 23% of the 1st District isn’t worth listening to, and is freeloading off the government just because they feel like it. (Disclosure: I work for the campaign of LaMalfa’s Democratic opponent, Jim Reed.)

Interstingly, LaMalfa is the recipient of nearly $5 million in federal farm subsidies. He’s evaded the $100-some thousand annual cap by splitting the farm into multiple holdings–held entirely by various members of his family.

Was that a choice? Or did circumstances force his hand?

The Record-Searchlight story is here (scroll down to the third item).

5 thoughts on “Doug LaMalfa campaign: Romney’s right about freeloaders”

  1. Overdue, critical coverage here on a candidate, La Malfa, out of touch with residents and the district he was hand-picked for. His insults keep coming.

    How many thousands of service members and veterans, some not paying federal income taxes, are in this district–and impugned by this latest La Malfa insult?

    Having met Democrat Jim Reed and having observed how hard he is working to represent this entire district, I salute the candidate more fit and more determined to be its advocate in Congress.  

  2. I don’t wish homelessness on anyone.  It is so debilitating in so many ways at so many levels.  Some of these country club Republicans would surely benefit from some quality time looking for a safe place to sleep, a warm meal, a bathroom and a shower.  

    The thing about the infamous Romney 47 percent video that struck me is that no one stood up and said, “Are you insane?”  Romney wasn’t challenging them with a new concept, but affirming their strongly held beliefs.  

  3. The only ones I know of are Repugnicans(these are hard right know nothings in power), Here’s a short list:






    I’m sure that there are other R’s in Congress that need to be defeated, Congress needs to be in Democratic hands.

    We’ve had 4 years of Unofficial Repugnican rule, so does America need 4 Years of Official Repugnican rule? I think not…

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