Gov. Brown Signs Same-Day Registration

Allows more flexibility for new and moved voters

by Brian Leubitz

This is very good news for democracy:

Gov. Jerry Brown today signed legislation allowing residents to register to vote up until and on Election Day, though the provision will not be implemented at least until 2014.

“Voting – the sacred right of every citizen – should be simple and convenient,” the Democratic governor said in a prepared statement. “While other states try to restrict voters with new laws that burden the process, California allows voters to register online – and even on Election Day.”(SacBee CapAlert)

Combined with online registration, this makes California one of the friendlies states for new voters. The Republicans cried about something they like to call “voter fraud” but haven’t shown any evidence of in any state with or without same-day registration.

With luck we will see this implemented for the 2014 election.

5 thoughts on “Gov. Brown Signs Same-Day Registration”

  1. It’s not clear from reading the bill whether or not counties can allow voters to appear at a polling place to register — that is, these “satellite offices” are not defined, at least in the text I was able to find.

    EDR would be of limited value to the residents of LA County if you had to hike down to Norwalk to register that day — and imagine the lines!  

  2. I also wonder if online registration will be allowed — when the bill says:

    which is delivered by the registrant to a county elections official during the 14 days immediately preceding an election or on election day

    does it mean that voters can register from home or with a network-connected advocate at the polls?

  3. My big problem with it is that it still doesn’t require ID to register.  Requiring an ID is similar to a poll tax since driver license or state ID have a fee assoociated.

    Yes, the data hasn’t showed voter fraud evidence but they were looking at people that registered. I didn’t see anything in the article about same day voting. But if anything they should validate who registered on voting day afer the fact to check for fraud, thats the right thing to do.

    On election day I will be going to a poll and see how the who registration process works to see from personal experience if its done fairly. I suggest others test it out as well.

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