New Video for Prop 32: A Billionaire’s Guide to California

Funny video reveals some very worrisome outcomes

This chap is pretty chatty for a SuperPac Billionaire, bue he does like to hide now and again. However, from his tweets and this new video, he’s spilling some serious beans. And guess what, we should trust him and his big business friends, they know what is best for us!

Note: Brian Leubitz, the editor of this blog, works for the No on 32 campaign. Please like the campaign on facebook or follow on twitter.

One thought on “New Video for Prop 32: A Billionaire’s Guide to California”

  1. Amazing video,Now a days money has the supreme power in this worlds. Billionaire businessmen, secretive Super PACs and other corporate special interests are persons behind Proposition 32 and trying to influence elections.

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