It’s GOTV Time!

No on 32 GOTVA friendly reminder

by Brian Leubitz

It is that time of the year, GOTV weekend. With some very important ballot measures and local candidate races on the ballot, we have to make sure that the Republicans don’t win a few just because our voters didn’t show up. That means getting everybody to vote by Tuesday.

The California Democratic Party has a great Battleground California tool that will help you find your closest volunteer location or let you make calls from home. The No on 32 also has a No on 32 Volunteer page with listings for lots of events.

Let’s bring this home! We have to make sure California votes YES on 30 and NO on 32!Note: Brian Leubitz, the editor of this blog, works for the No on 32 campaign. Please like the campaign on facebook or follow on twitter. Statements are his own.

One thought on “It’s GOTV Time!”

  1. I’ve received have been to go to Nevada to help Obama (for whom I did not even vote.)  

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