Netroots Nation in San Jose: Get your discount!

PhotobucketProgressive conference brings together activists from across the country

by Brian Leubitz

If you are reading this website, you are probably either a political nerd, a progressive activist, or both.  But either way, you’re going to enjoy Netroots Nation in California for the first time.

(Or perhaps you’re just trying to figure out progressive Californians, in which case: Welcome, open book here!)

If you’ve never been, it is a well-run conference with a bit of a twist in that the program is created by the folks that are participating. Topics are submitted by the community, and ultimately chosen by a great panel of activists themeselves.

But even more than the programs, the highlight is getting to meet up with thousands of other progressive activists from across the country. It’s a nerd’s paradise.  And now you can get a discount on admission. Sign up for Netroots Nation 2013 by tomorrow, and you’ll get the great rate of $245. It’s a smoking hot deal, as the “escalating rate” throughout the year will be getting ever more expensive.

I’ll see you there!

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