Yee Looks to Extend HOV Stickers for Clean(er) Vehicles

Legislation would extend access to plug-in hybrids three years

by Brian Leubitz

Do you have a plug-in hybrid yet? Probably not, as they are still pretty rare. Complete electric vehicles (Nissan Leaf, Tesla, etc) are even more rare.

However, the state’s HOV lane access program for the partial electric vehicles is scheduled to expire in 2015. At this point, there are apparently stickers left to be had, something that was not the case for plain ol’ hybrids at the same point in the HOV lane program. It seems the program might have gotten a little ahead of itself in just exactly how many folks would be getting the vehicles at what time.

So, Sen. Leland Yee (D-SF) is looking to push out the time horizon three years in SB 286. The bill would extend both the “green sticker” for partial EVs and “white sticker” for full EVs.

“Many of the latest generation of clean vehicles – the plug-in hybrids – were not widely available until recently and thus there are still stickers available,” said Yee. “By extending the life of the 40,000 available stickers, SB 286 will provide a much greater incentive for individuals to purchase these clean cars.”

“It is imperative that we find ways to limit our carbon footprint,” said Yee.  “Over the next few years we should continue to reevaluate the program and find ways to continue to incentivize the manufacturing, sale, and purchase of greener automobiles.”

Well, now, if you have one, rejoice, you are on the road to 3 more years in the HOV lane. And if you don’t well, they say driving less and keeping your car’s emissions clean is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint…

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