Golden Super Bowl in Golden State

Super Bowl L to be played in Santa Clara in 2016

by Brian Leubitz

You don’t generally see sports news here. Not because I don’t enjoy talking, or writing, about sports, but there are probably better places for your sports information. However, this piece of sports news is worthy of inclusion: Super Bowl L in 2016 will be played in the new football stadium in Santa Clara.

Team owners voted Tuesday for the 49ers’ new stadium as host of the 2016 game. That facility in Santa Clara, Calif., is due to open for the 2014 season. The only previous Super Bowl played in northern California was at Stanford Stadium in 1985.

San Francisco beat out South Florida, which was stymied in its bid to stage an 11th Super Bowl when the Florida Legislature did not support financing to renovate Sun Life Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins.

While many in San Francisco are still more than a little bummed to see the 49ers skip town for the South Bay, the City is working with Santa Clara and the NFL to host the Super Bowl. Many of the events will be hosted in San Francisco as well.

Now, that second paragraph, where the NFL complains about Florida’s government not ponying up the cash? Well, that is typical sports economics, but the subsidies for billion dollar companies is always a bit frustrating.

One thought on “Golden Super Bowl in Golden State”

  1. The people of San Francisco can thank ex-mayor, playboy, restauranteur, Gavin Newsome for having the Super bowl in Santa Clara ……   INSTEAD of in San Francisco

    The 49ers tried to build a new stadium in San Francisco

    But, Mayor-Playboy Gavin INSISTED they build it in Hunters Point

    The 49ers wanted to build elsewhere

    But, Little Gavin INSISTED

    So they built in Santa Clara instead


    How’s your Love Life ??

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