PPIC Poll Confirms Brown Budget Support

Also shows record support for marriage equality and increasing support for split roll tax

by Brian Leubitz

The CBRT poll earlier today showed strong support of the Governor’s budget plan, but the confirmation of the Public Policy Institute means quite a bit. And Brown’s cautious plans seem to be popular:

When read a brief description of the overall budget proposal, solid majorities of Californians (61%) and likely voters (60%) favor the plan, which includes increased spending for K-12 education and modest increases to higher education, health and human services, and corrections. The governor’s plan would also reduce state debt and maintain a $1.1 billion reserve-a potential focus of debate, as some Democratic legislators look to restore funding to social services. When asked about the tradeoff, a majority of Californians (55%) prefer paying down debt and building a reserve to restoring some funding for social service programs (39%). Likely voters are twice as likely to prefer reducing the debt (62%) to restoring funding to social services (32%). (PPIC Publications)

There is still a lot of question as to how the K-12 funds will be dispersed, as the Legislature is a little unsure of the Governor’s plan. But with the Governor’s budget attempting to reserve as much money as possible, other spending priorities will find it difficult sledding.

Some other interesting findings of the poll:

  • Support for marriage equality hit a new high: 56%.
  • 57% of Californians want additional gun control
  • More Californians think the state is headed in the wrong direction (48%) than the right direction (46%)
  • 57% of Californians think global warming will have an impact on their life
  • There is a lot more data available, go check it out at the PPIC website.