Marriage Equality Decisions Tomorrow

Final day of Supreme Court’s term will bring some sort of outcome on both DOMA and Prop 8

by Brian Leubitz

Around 7AM California time tomorrow, we’ll get the decision from the Supreme Court. I’ve already summarized possible outcomes of Prop 8, and the DOMA decision seems likely to yield a more firm decision.

In the meantime, the Supreme Court marched down the road towards pretending the world is color blind. While they didn’t totally strike down the effective portion of the Voting Rights Act, they did demand that Congress redraw the map. Considering Congress can’t even agree on post office names, that seems a big hurdle.

Tomorrow, I’ll be among the first to download the decisions (and re-post them) for your reading pleasure. I’ll chime in with my own thoughts once I’ve had a chance to read the decisions.

One thought on “Marriage Equality Decisions Tomorrow”

  1. Cross your fingers

    ‘The LAW is our friend

    Those found harming our friend

    will be beaten sneseless’

        Chief Jsutice John Roberts

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