Darrell Issa: A Role Model for Who Exactly?

Darrell Issa, CaricatureCongressman has a long history of questionably legal activities

by Brian Leubitz

The sordid history of Darrell Issa has bee pretty well documented around here. However, CalBuzz put together a pretty good summary of Issa’s legal issues. It is well worth a read, but the gist of it is this:

So the next time you see Rep. Darrell Issa on “Meet the Press” or Fox News or any other national media outlet, you might wonder in a quiet moment, “Why is this man not in jail?”

Issa has been omnipresent on the media, trying to get something on the Obama administration. And while there are plenty of real investigations to be pursued (NSA??), Issa remains focused on issues that have the most political traction over actual real-life importance. Meanwhile, the long and sordid trail which led to Issa being a very rich man sheds light on who exactly he is ultimate goals: Darrell Issa is always looking out for Darrell Issa.

Image credit: Flickr user DonkeyHotey.

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